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Online Request for Consulting Advice
Request Form for first, free service

Use this form to request your first, free online consulting service.

This first service is free to all SMEs, world-wide - and, on a personal basis, to all past and new participants in one of my training courses and workshops.
Please complete all fields of this form or you will get an error (in which case, press Backspace to go back to the form).
If a data field is not applicable, just enter N/A.

Please ensure that the consulting service you are requesting falls in or is related to one of the following areas: The Value-Chain principle - Opportunities Management - Process Engineering - Orientation to Client and Relationship with Clients - Lean Thinking - Value Adding Management and Systematic Elimination of Waste - Total Quality Management, bottom-up approach - Total Productive Maintenance - Total Employee Involvement - Lean Manufacturing and Flow Production - Cell Manufacturing - Achieving Quick Change-Over - Project Management for the Project Industry - Project Management for Manufacturers - Project Management for the Service Industry - Lean Project Management & Lean Construction Management - e-Performance

Please ensure your query/request for advice is "specific" and not "generic".
Please document your query/request for advice with sufficient supporting information/data.


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b) the request for advice

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an evaluation or simple audit

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