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training course program

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Training Course Program
Total Employee Involvement - 1-day workshop
how to increase dramatically productivity, quality and performance in today's client-driven environment, obtaining high participation from personnel and assuring their job satisfaction

workshop contents and main topics

workshop duration

Duration: 8 hours

workshop objectives

For over 40 years many disciplines and associated techniques have been developed for improving somehow people commitment and performance. All of them have somehow contributed to getting closer to the target and all of them have somehow failed......

This workshop explains the reasons of the failure. In fact, this is a "shocking" workshop for "traditional" enterprises still rotating around "traditional" management methods and practices.
This workshop is structured to make participants understand how clear paths to real, solid improvement in personnel performance may be created.
Supported by pertinent case studies, this workshop will no doubt make enterprise people re-think "ex-novo" their overall approach to performance.

target audience

Senior Managers from all industrial and commercial enterprises.

A 2,5-day comprehensive course on TEI is also offered. For details please click here.


You are welcome to request further clarifications about this course - please be as specific as possible. Just contact Carlo Scodanibbio

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