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Training Course Program
Total Employee Performance - 2-day course
Methods for Improving drastically People Performance and Work Attitudes
"The real and only secret for achieving a Flow style of Production - the heart of Lean Thinking - is people"

course contents and main topics

The Key Requirements for Successful Employee Performance

Organisational Structures that Support Effective Employee Involvement and Performance Schemes

People Performance: why "traditional" enterprises find it difficult to achieve

The Main Parameters Associated with People Performance

The origins of TEP: TEI - Total Employee Involvement

About Involvement: From the "Suggestion box" Scheme to Total Participation and Performance

Team work: the solution?

Transmitting Basic Lean-Thinking (more ») and Value-Adding-Management (more ») Concepts to People

Practical ways and tips to obtain higher people involvement and performance

Implementation Requirements and Strategies for Getting Started

How World-Class Enterprises achieve high Productivity levels

Empowerment and Management Style

Beyond TEI: TEP - Total Employee Performance

Total Employee Performance operationally

Job Satisfaction

course duration

Duration: 16 hours

course objectives

In today's "Global Market", featuring vanishing borders and global competition, all industrial concerns should aim at new, higher Performance targets, in line with the "best of the class".

As the ultimate secret to obtain high performance is "people", new ways of managing people and of organising and supervising them, as well as new ways of obtaining high levels of efficiency and effectiveness (performance) from people should be looked at. Most organisations want their employees to be involved, but employee engagement can range from a simple suggestion system to self-directed work teams. The essential problem is how to structure the performance improvement process.

Total Employee Performance is the core discipline of the Lean Thinking philosophy.
This course is designed to illustrate in detail the TEP discipline and its deployment in all Industries.

This two-day course gives you the opportunity to find out what are the latest trends in employee performance and directly relate it back to your strategies. It will be a highly interactive event designed to be interesting, provoking and to offer great learning experience.

In this course you will learn to:

target audience

This highly interactive event is intended for managers, administrators, and champions working with suggestion systems, continuous improvement, teaming, recognition or other areas of employee performance management: Managing Directors - General Managers - Plant Managers - Factory Managers - Manufacturing Directors/Managers - Operations Directors/Managers - Production Directors/Managers - Project and Construction Managers - HR Managers/Officers - Quality Assurance Directors/ Managers - Team Leaders - Industrial Engineers - Chief Engineers - Technical Directors - Procurement Managers - Logistic Managers - Planning Managers - Warehouse Managers - Inventory Managers

The course is equally beneficial for all Industrial Sectors (Manufacturing, Service, Project/Construction) as well as the Public Sector.

from the desktop of Dr Carlo Scodanibbio

Dear Delegate(s),

Research by Gallup has uncovered that less than 30% of employees are truly engaged in their jobs. Lean Thinkers have long shown that an additional 25-40% of the work done by most organisations is waste or non-value added. This means that at least 40% of every payroll dollar is lost. Is this an acceptable level of performance?

This course will be a shocking course for many of you. Because it demystifies all traditional principles of the first industrial revolution on which the majority of enterprises, still today, are built or around which they operate. By presenting in rather great detail the philosophy of the second industrial revolution and its impact on people management, this course is a door-opener to lean HR practices for whoever is: ready to listen to the message - prepared to abandon obsolete principles, formulas and approaches - willing to have really performing people.

You see, there are enterprises in which "employment" as such does no longer exist. They are not many, but their achievements are astonishing: their people think, act and perform like businessmen, not employees - their people operate in strict contact with customers and target at maximising clients' satisfaction - their people are driven to self-guidance, controlling a value/profit-generating "area of purpose" - their people are a real "wealth pump". Can this concept be replicated in all types of Organisations? This course wants to prove that yes, it can.

I hope to see you there, best regards

Dr Carlo


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