World-Class, Lean Performance in the SMEs - Small and Medium Enterprises - by Carlo Scodanibbio, Industrial & Business Consultant - Lean Management Consultant

Carlo Scodanibbio
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Lean Management Consultant

training course program

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Training Course Program
World Class Performance in the SME - introductory workshop introductory presentation of an infinite subject....

workshop contents and main topics

workshop duration

Duration: 4 hours (typical)

workshop objectives

In today's "global market", featuring vanishing borders and "global" competition, all industrial concerns must aim at new, higher Performance targets, in line with "the best of the classroom".
This workshop is designed to give participating enterprises' delegates an overview on how to set their own path to high levels of overall Performance, and make them understand the associated benefits, prerequisites and constraints.
Workshop's key-words are: practical - simple.

Equally beneficial to participants from all industrial and business sectors, this workshop is tailored:
- to make participants aware of the strategic importance of aiming at high levels of Performance in a "Global Market" situation
- to illustrate those principles required to understand, measure, self-assess and monitor Performance
- to give delegates an overview of the "state-of-the-art" philosophy, disciplines and techniques available to enable every enterprise to perform at world-class level - and illustrate principles and methods that can and should be applied in businesses of all types and sizes to achieve continuous Performance improvements
- and to highlight the necessity of a strong and modern corporate industrial culture as a prerequisite to direct an enterprise towards new performing targets

target audience

Entrepreneurs, Senior and Middle Management Personnel from all Industrial and Commercial Enterprises


You are welcome to request further clarifications about this course - please be as specific as possible. Just contact Carlo Scodanibbio

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