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Carlo Scodanibbio
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Lean Management Consultant
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main ingredients of the world-class, lean performance formula

World-Class Industrial Culture (Lean Culture)
World-Class approach to Market and Clients     (more »)
World-Class Products and Services     (more »)
World-Class Operations (Lean Operations)     (more »)
Lean Value Chain     (more »)
Lean Human Resources Management     (more »)

world-class philosophy and culture (lean culture)

World-Class Industrial & Business Culture - Lean Culture The world has changed.

The world continues to change, at a higher and higher speed...

The rules of the game have changed - once and forever.

There is a keyword, representative of this change: the keyword is complexity. Complexity has a dramatic impact on every productive system.

Understanding the change and learning to deal with complexity are primary requirements for enterprises willing to aim at higher levels of performance.

......we have gone into the new millennium with organisational systems, principles and methods conceived over two centuries ago and perfected in the last century to perform well in the "previous" world, a "static", "predictable" world, the world before the change....
Those systems, principles and methods are no longer adequate to face the challenges imposed by the "new" world.

Enterprises aiming at high levels of performance need to structure a new culture rotating around a key concept, a concept somehow "lost" in over a century of industrialisation. This key concept is value.

Value is the core concept of the Lean Philosophy, the Lean Thinking Culture (more »).

Value Management and Value Adding Management, operational arms of the Lean Thinking Culture, are the pilot light for World-Class Performers, their guiding philosophy.
The Value philosophy includes and is based on:

  • Vision and Mission: the "big-bang" to performance enhancement (more »)
  • The Learning Organisation approach: understanding the change and instilling the culture of continual learning and change management in personnel at all levels (more »)
  • The Value Chain principle: identification, understanding and ethical exploitation of the "value-chain" (more »)
  • Opportunities Management: systematic, creative search for Opportunities, targeting at maximising value transmitted all along the "value-chain" (more »)
  • Orientation to Client as strategic key to performance improvement (more »)
  • Lean Process Engineering: identification and understanding of critical core and support processes, and engineering of processes to maximise their output value by minimising/eliminating waste of any nature and entity. The result: Lean Processes (more »)
  • Continuous Performance Improvement: step-by-step (Kaizen style), continuous, systematic improvement of all critical processes, in the lean direction, in a path to excellence (more »)

Guided by Value Management and Value Adding Management principles, Enterprises can prepare and mix their own main ingredients of the World Class, Lean Performance formula.

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