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carlo scodanibbio - online consulting services

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The first online consulting service is offered free to all SMEs world-wide and, individually, to all participants in one of my training courses.     Click here.
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Subscribed Online Clients
You may also request online advice by e-mail, using a simple template.

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Online consulting is a reality.
An online service of this nature can be, under many circumstances, as effective as its "real-world" equivalent, but at a fraction of the cost and definitely much faster.

how does it work

In a very simple manner.

You subscribe as an Online Client by purchasing an Online Consulting Package which entitles you to receive a number of consulting units.

A consulting unit consists of a client's request for advice and my answer to it.

Consulting Units are purchased in packages (bundles) of 5, 10 or 20. Packages are payable in advance.

When you/your enterprise needs consulting advice, you use one of your "units". You send an e-mail, according to a pre-defined simple format, or you fill an online form and you request online advice.

On receipt of your e-mail or form, I elaborate your case and e-mail back to you a comprehensive answer to your problem or to your query. Before doing so, I might request further clarifications, especially if the data/information supplied by you are not sufficient to deal with the matter in an exhaustive mode. My answer is provided to Client's satisfaction (more »).

With my answer e-mail you also receive a statement, illustrating how many units you have used so far, and how many credit units you have left for future use.

It is possible that a Client's query falls out of my area of expertise (I have my limits). In this case I simply answer a query with a "sorry - I cannot help you with this", and there is no charge (the unit is not used).

Online Consulting is provided in certain consulting areas (those that I think are well suited to this consulting style). A list of areas available for online consulting is here.

Client's queries should always be "specific", and not generic (more »).

Answers are normally given immediately, or within the day. But, as a rule, please allow up to 2 working days: I travel extensively, and when I am travelling it's sometimes difficult to check my e-mail.

Please read all terms, conditions and "fine prints" of Online Consulting here.


when is online consulting effective

When the entity/size of the request for advice is "reasonable" (more »).

When the area of requested intervention is "specific" (more »).

When the request for advice is well described and is documented/supported by adequate information/data (more »).

Please read terms, conditions and fine prints of online consulting here

what are the main benefits of online consulting

Real-world consulting interventions in the field of industrial performance are not immediate. Not even fast.
If an enterprise has a regular and continued relationship with a "local" consultant (in the area - in the region - in the country) then things may happen rather fast. Simple matters can also be sorted out over the phone.

But not all enterprises, especially SMEs, have a regular and continued relationship with an industrial consultant nor are willing or in a position to establish one.
That's when online consulting may be particularly effective and very beneficial in terms of time.
It's like having an expert available round the clock to supply answers to problems or give recommendations, guidelines, advice.
Consulting is time: consultant's time. And time is money.
Hiring a real-world consultant means remunerating not only his consulting time, but also his travelling, his living-out expenses, his "warm-up" time (the necessary time required to familiarise himself with an enterprise and its people, methods, style, culture....) - and means also contributing to his general expenses.

Hiring an online consultant cuts all the expenses above to nil: there is no travelling, no living-out, no "warm-up" time.
In fact, it's the Online Client who does the necessary warm-up operations, by preparing the request for advice in sufficient detail and with adequate documentation. This point is of major importance: not only it influences (reduces) costs, because there is no consultant's "familiarising time" to be remunerated - but it is also very beneficial "per se", because the preparation work compels the Online Client to do some good exercise and thinking before submitting an online query. That exercise should otherwise be carried out by the hired consultant, who would have to "dig" here and there to get the necessary information and data in his hands.....

In conclusion, online consulting services cost a fraction of the equivalent real-world consulting services - and, if some valid "preparation work" is done, can be as effective (if not more).
You have a problem. Or you need advice. Your time is limited.
Isn't it very practical to be able to submit your query from the comfort of your office and get an answer back in your mail inbox within a day or so ?

If you are very busy (SMEs people are always very busy) during the day, you don't have time to take care of a "real-world" consultant who wants to know things before he can start doing something for you - and he must be brought around the factory or the premises for a "visit" - and he asks a lot of questions needing an answer - and he must be taken out for lunch - and.....
Isn't it practical to have the possibility of tackling after-hours those problems (buzzing around in your mind), when the telephone stops ringing and your direct collaborators have finally gone home ?
That's the best time for you, entrepreneur or small enterprise manager, to take care of the important things. During the day you give your time to urgent things. After hours you may devote time to important matters.
But, after hours there are no "real-world" consultants available....
Isn't it practical to have the possibility of attending to your important things in the time that best suits you ?

Even if your enterprise enjoys a regular, "real-world" consulting service, isn't it practical and beneficial to hear a second opinion ?

If your enterprise is in the "middle of nowhere", lost in the bush of Africa or located in a remote island, isn't it practical to be an e-mail or mouse-click away from a needed answer ?

If you have tried consulting services in the past and you have not been satisfied with them, isn't it practical to be able to explore another avenue, at a very limited risk (or none at all) ?
Not many "real-world" consultants offer an enterprise the possibility of testing their services for free before going into a consulting agreement.
And not many "real-world" consultants offer a full satisfaction or no charge guarantee.

Online Consulting offers that.
You may try it for free (see below: the first consulting unit is free).
And you receive a full guarantee (see below): if you are not satisfied with the quality of service provided, you may terminate your online consulting subscription and be refunded for all the "un-used" consulting units.
These are the main benefits. Is there

Yes. The main one is the "human factor".
"Real-world" relationships are definitely richer in human contact. An online relationship will never be able to match it.

Yet, you are not dealing with a machine or a robot. You are dealing with an experienced consultant and trainer, ready to put a human touch in an online relationship, on a one-to-one basis.
Nothing is automated or cybernetic in this online consulting relationship: there is no "auto-responder" to your e-mail - there is no automated managing of forms submitted - there is no automated statement. All is done personally by myself, with as much "human touch" as possible. This may somehow mitigate a drawback of this sort.....

Please read terms, conditions and fine prints of online consulting here

how much does it cost

Fees are extremely reasonable.

You may subscribe as an Online Client to my online consulting service and purchase a package of consulting units.
There are three packages available: of 5 units, 10 units or 20 units. Each of them entitles you to receive a corresponding number of consulting interventions.

A package of 5 consulting units costs US Dollars 600 (i.e. USD 120 for each unit).

A package of 10 consulting units costs US Dollars 1000 (i.e. USD 100 for each unit).

A package of 20 consulting units costs US Dollars 1800 (i.e. USD 90 for each unit).

The principle of usage is that of the revolving credit. You use your credit units until a package is depleted.
Once a package is depleted you may purchase another one. Or, for continuity of service, you may do so before all credits of a previous package are depleted.

Every time you make a request for advice, together with my answer e-mail you also receive a statement reflecting your units usage to date and the credit units still to be utilised.

Please read terms, conditions and fine prints of online consulting here

how to purchase online consulting services

You just complete the consulting package order form which you find here.

Upon receipt of the order form I will send you back an e-mail with:
- your Online Client Number (OCN), to be used in requests for advice and in all correspondence
- instructions for remitting the Online Consulting Fee corresponding to the package you have chosen.

Once your payment is on hand, you will immediately receive a notification e-mail with attached a printable e-invoice. A paper invoice will follow by snail-mail thereafter.

At this stage you may start utilising your consulting units.
NB: anybody in your enterprise may use consulting units and may send me a request for advice (more »). But, the OCN must be quoted in all correspondence!

Please read terms, conditions and fine prints of online consulting here

do you give a guarantee ?

Yes: two, actually.

A Client Satisfaction Guarantee.
My guarantee is that, as an Online Client, you must be satisfied with the service I provide you with, at each individual consulting unit you request (more »).

A money-back Guarantee.
My guarantee is that if you are not satisfied with my Online Consulting service, you will be refunded for any un-used, credit unit left in the consulting package/s purchased by you and paid for (more »).

Please read terms, conditions and fine prints of online consulting here

how to send a request for advice

So, you have purchased an online consulting package.
You have received my e-mail with your OCN (Online Client Number).
It's time to start using your consulting units and send me a request for advice There are two ways to do this:

  • Through the online request for advice form, that you find here.
  • By e-mail. Using an e-mail template that you find here.
Please read terms, conditions and fine prints of online consulting here

try it for free

Why not ?

The first online consulting service (one consulting unit) is offered free to all SMEs, world-wide and, individually, to all past and new participants in one of my training courses or workshops.

To grab this opportunity just fill the free consulting service form that you find here.

Please note:

  • Before sending your request for free online consulting please read terms, conditions and fine prints here
  • All fields in the form must be filled with the required data
  • Do not send an e-mail requesting your first, free consulting unit. You may request it only through the form above.
  • Your request for advice must be fully "documented" and "supported" by pertinent and sufficient "information/data". These must be inserted in the form as pure text (no attachment file).
  • To speed up the completion and submission of the above form, you may prepare your textual documentation beforehand, and copy (Ctrl-C) it and paste (Ctrl-V) it in the form's fields.
  • If data/information supplied by you are not sufficient, I may come back to you requesting further data or clarifying details.
  • Please allow up to 3 working days to get the answer to your request for advice.
  • Should your request for advice fall out of my area of expertise, I will answer back with a "Sorry, I cannot deal with this". But I will also offer you another free possibility in a different area of your choice.
Request your free online consulting advice now - click here.

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